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Upper Key Stage 2

Welcome to Upper Key Stage 2!

(Years 5 & 6)

Year 5 - Rowan Class   Year 5 & 6 Class - Sycamore Class    Year 6 - Oak Class



Summer Term 1 - Adventure & Explore!

Welcome back to school for an exciting summer term! We cannot wait to dive into our new school theme - ‘Adventure & Explore!’ We certainly will be adventuring and exploring this half term with an exciting den building and survival day planned where we learn survival techniques and follow in the footsteps of the British explorer, Percy Fawcett and Bear Grylls!


For our three Upper Key Stage 2 classes (Rowan, Sycamore & Oak), this theme is driven by our geography and history curriculum.


As geographers, we will learn about South America, Mexico & the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. We will locate countries & continents using world maps. We will describe and understand key aspects of physical geography including climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts, and rivers. We will also study human geography including types of settlement and land-use. To develop our skills we will use the 8 points of a compass, four and six-figure grid references, symbols, and key to build our knowledge of the wider world.

As historians, we will uncover the great secrets of the Mayan Civilization c.AD & compare it to British History at that time.

We love reading in UKS2 and cannot wait to immerse ourselves in our new class novel - the multi award-winning children’s book - ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell. It is a wildly gripping adventure story about four children who are stranded in the Amazon Rainforest after their plane crash-landed. Who is the Explorer? Will they survive?


Please read our curriculum newsletter letter below for more information and keep looking out for photographs of our learning on our class page on the school website!


Spring Term 2 - Planet Earth

We are really excited to be back in school and ready to learn! This half term our school theme is ‘Planet Earth’. For our three Upper Key Stage 2 classes (Rowan, Sycamore & Oak), this theme is driven by our geography curriculum. We are focusing on developing our location and place knowledge, using maps to locate and learn about Europe (Italy – Mount Vesuvius ), including the location of Russia (Klyuchevskaya Volcano) and North America (Hawaii's Mount Kilauea), South America (Maipo Volcano, Spanish Volcán Maipo, volcanic peak in the Central Andes Mountains of South America) concentrating on their environmental regions, key human and physical characteristics. We will investigate volcanoes; how they are formed and why the erupt. 

Our new class novel is a new children’s book ‘Into the Volcano’ by Jess Butterworth. This is a fantastic tale of two children on two different continents and how an incident brings them together. they then go on a wild adventure into Yellowstone National Park, USA, with the shared aim to make a very special wish. It is an action-packed book, full of adventure and emotion. 

Year 6 SATs Meeting for Parents

Spring Term 1 - Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

A warm welcome back Rowan, Sycamore and Oak Classes after our Christmas holiday. We had a fantastic Autumn term learning so much within our ‘Boom, Bang & Bash!’ theme whereby we read the historical novel ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ by highly acclaimed children's author, Emma Carroll.


This term, our school theme is ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind' which is driven through our PE & PSHE curriculum. For UKS2, we will be learning how to keep our bodies ‘healthy’ by leading an active lifestyle and taking care of our personal hygiene. We will also learn how to keep our ‘minds’ healthy by looking after our well-being such as having time away from the digital word and screens, being outside in nature and finding time for hobbies and our personal interests.


Below you will find our Curriculum newsletter for Spring Term 1st half 2022 so you can be fully up-to-date with our learning this half term. We have so many wonderful learning experiences planned from building models of the heart and circulatory system in science, creating wonderful art whilst studying three artists: Keith Haring, Alberto Giacometti and Henry Fraser. These artists focus on ‘people in action’ in contrasting styles. Henry Fraser turned to art after an accident left him paralysed so he found great comfort and joy in creating art whilst rehabilitating and becoming accustomed to living with a disability.


As you can see, we will be very busy, fully immersed and learning key skills!

Autumn Term 2 - Boom, Bang & Bash!


A warm welcome back Rowan, Sycamore and Oak Classes. We had a fantastic 1st half term learning so much within our 'Divide & Conquer' theme whereby we read the gripping novel 'Viking Boy' by Tony Bradman.


We are already fully immersed in our new theme 'Boom, Bang & Bash!' which is driven through our history study about World War 2 and how this was a significant turning point in British History. We are reading the children's historical novel 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by the highly acclaimed children's author, Emma Carroll.


Below you will find our Curriculum newsletter for Autumn Term 2nd half 2021 so you can be fully up-to-date with our learning this half term. We have so many wonderful learning experiences planned from a virtual Eden Camp visit, our Design & Technology project making all-terrain World War 2 vehicles using mechanisms, our Art & Design study focusing on World War 2 artists and designers; Henry Moore, Paul Nash & Donia Nachshen as well as learning songs from World War 2 and how they were used to lift the nation's spirits during difficult wartimes. 


We will be fully immersed in our novel, which will drive our reading and writing curriculum. 


As you can see, we will be incredibly busy and fully engaged!

Pictures of our learning this half term

Autumn Term 1 - Divide & Conquer!

Our 'Divide & Conquer' theme has been driven by our learning in history based on the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England. We have studied Viking raids and invasions, the resistance by Alfred the Great as well as Edward the Confessor and his death in 1066.. 


Over the past few weeks, we have been finding out about the homelands of the Vikings; who they were, where they lived, why they came to Britain and from which countries. We have carried out some research to find out more about Scandinavian countries and have begun working on a collaborative project in computing to create an online fact file about Viking home-life. 


We have been reading Viking Boy by Tony Bradman as part of our reading sessions. It tells the tale of a young Viking boy who goes on a terrifying adventure to avenge his father's death. Along the way he meets many interesting characters - some are almost too good to be true. We have taken moments from the story to write out own descriptive scenes and stories. 


In art we have been studying Viking amulets and have used clay to create our own intricate designs suing a variety of techniques. We are also very excited to consider appropriate Viking ingredients to plan and prepare a hearty Viking Stew in our cooking & nutrition lessons for DT. We will consider vegetables they had availability and what is seasonal. We will be designing and baking Viking bread to accompany our vegetable stew  based on additional ingredients to add flavour to our breads. 

Autumn 1 Curriculum & Learning - Divide & Conquer Theme

September - 'Meet the Team' meeting

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Year 6 Leavers - July 2021

Fond memories of your time at Thorpe Willoughby - Class of 2021

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Class of 2021, Year 6, you have been a dream to work with. We have so many fond memories of our time with you. Good luck in all of your future endeavours. We will miss you. From all of the staff at Thorpe Willoughby Primary School. xx

Your aspirations for the future - DREAM BIG!

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