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Our Curriculum Design


Our new curriculum has been carefully tailored and creatively designed to offer our children an immersive, engaging and language-rich curriculum by bringing curriculum subjects together through half-termly themes. Our themes aim to provide every child to make real and genuine links in their learning where they can embed and secure their knowledge to allow them to master a deeper, long-lasting understanding.


Providing a language-rich curriculum is a key priority to ensure our children expand their vocabulary and develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Our curriculum offers many opportunities to read and write widely across the curriculum. Through the use of varied, high-quality texts, our curriculum is designed to promote a love of language and literature as well as reading and writing for real purposes. We want to develop and expand children’s vocabulary so they can communicate clearly and further acquire knowledge.


Thinking mathematically across the curriculum is a key skill we aim to foster. Through our curriculum themes we offer children opportunities to ask mathematical questions, to sequence, to appreciate the importance of accuracy, to organise and present information and see and apply relationships in order to enable them to think like mathematicians.


For each of our themes, children will explore and learn about significant people, places and events which have shaped the world and have a lasting legacy. Through significance, we intend for children to investigate and understand how these people, places and events have impacted on the world and how there have been ‘breakthroughs’ in science, technology, the arts, sports, cultures, and much more. Our chosen significant people, places and events have been intentionally selected to allow children to see how stereotypes have been challenged and overcome to ensure children at Thorpe Willoughby recognise opportunities are there for everyone. Through recognising significance within the world, we want our children to develop a sense of self, diversity and aspire to create an exciting future for themselves. 


Our curriculum is driven by high expectations so that children can succeed both academically and wider. We ensure we provide opportunities and challenges to develop their creativity, their imagination, their talents and their problem-solving skills. Our curriculum offers children enhanced experiences, exciting opportunities and occasions to showcase and celebrate their learning. We intend to develop children’s resilience through challenge whilst supporting their spiritual, moral and cultural development. 


Through living our school values at Thorpe Willoughby, we intend that our children recognise the real value in caring; in a sense of community; in respecting themselves and others as well as the world around them; in being faced with challenge, showing resilience to succeed and with a sense of aspiration to know they have wide horizons to explore. 


We intend, through our school curriculum and through living our school values, that we will give our children a desire to learn that both enriches them and equips them with the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes needed to prepare our children for their future.