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Languages - French

Foreign Languages Curriculum Design


A different language is a different vision of life.

Federico Fellini


At Thorpe Willoughby CP School, we believe that learning a foreign language provides an opportunity to understand and be curious about other cultures whilst providing a variety of experiences and a special way of deepening their understanding and responding to the world. 


Starting to learn the French language enables our children to communicate with others in a different language and helps them to understand the power of language and how important it is to be able to communicate with others, appreciating the wider world and different cultures.


In Key Stage 1, pupils listen to and begin to understand repeated classroom commands. They listen to and respond to simple greetings and phrases with support and encouragement and enjoy learning simple chants and songs. We aim that this introduction to the French language gives children an appetite to develop a love of language as they move to Key Stage 2.


In Key Stage 2, the children learn to improve their pronunciation and broaden their knowledge of the French language through being introduced to a range of topics. We encourage paired and group-work to develop their confidence in oral tasks and become increasingly fluent in the language. Whilst learning the language, children also learn about France and French culture and discuss how it differs from ours, gaining an appreciation of  how others live in different parts of the world and that French is the main language in many different countries, not just France.


Our Language Curriculum aims to promote a life-long love for language and a desire for exploring and learning new cultures.  It is our intention to ensure that by the end of our children’s primary education, they have acquired an understanding of both spoken and written French, confidence to speak in French with others and know how important other languages can be in their future.


What French Looks Like at Thorpe Willoughby

At Thorpe Willoughby, we predominantly follow the North Yorkshire Scheme in line with the Primary National Curriculum, England and we believe this forms a vital part of our school curriculum. To enhance our French curriculum we enjoy wider opportunities and participate in events within the community wherever possible. In all lessons, children participate in individual, paired and group activities to enable them to develop both fluency and confidence with their oral skills. They also have French books and French dictionaries in order to be able to practise and develop their written skills.


Within our French Curriculum, we ensure:

  • Songs, rhymes, stories and practical activities develop children’s skills and knowledge in an active and engaging way.
  • Children learn about significant people, places and events that have shaped the world we live in, for example by learning about Jules Verne or celebrating ‘The Tour de France’.
  • Children are immersed in events, for example a French Fashion Show, French Week - learning more about the culture, tasting different French foods, reading French stories, playing French games & much more!

Languages - French - Whole School Overview

Languages - French Progression