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Key Stage 1

Welcome to Key Stage 1!

(Years 1 & 2)

Rec & Year 1 - Conkers Class             Year 1 & 2 - Poplar Class                Year 2 - Elm Class  

Spring Term 2 - Planet Earth

We really enjoyed our trip to Filey. The focus of the trip was to enhance KS1's learning about coastal towns, identifying the physical and human features we had been learning about in class. We wanted to know if Filey was a tourist coastal town, searching for clues to help use answer our enquiry question. We also had many discussion points about safety whilst visiting the beach and the various signage to help visitors remain safe. Our Ispy activity led children to generate curiosity questions such as why is some of the sand here black and is it always cold in Filey? as well as hypothesis about the things we saw - we think the pulley might have been used to pull boats up the steep path and that the ice cream shops were closed because it wasn't tourist season (which we think might be in summer when it is warmer). Finally, it has inspired us to create stone art (planned for next week) with Filey being our theme.

Welcome Back Years 1 & 2!

Welcome back Conkers, Poplar and Elm classes. We have had a fantastic half term learning so much within our 'Divide & Conquer' theme.


Below you will find our slides from the welcome meeting as well as our Autumn 1 newsletter - we hope you will find them useful.


We can't wait to invite you into school on Tuesday 19th October for our 'Storytelling Showcase'!

September 'Meet the Team' meeting

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Summer 2022 Curriculum Newsletters

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