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Children start school in the academic year in which they become five years old.

As a community school, the LA is the admissions officer and can be contacted on  or 0845 034 9494.



Detailed arrangements are as follows: -  For most children:

Reception children will start school full time during September. The starting dates will remain staggered over a 2/3 week period according to their age. This will still allow them ‘special’ time to settle into their new class.’

Individual children and their needs would always be considered as part of our inclusive ethos. Our classes are a mixture of straight year groups and mixed year groups. Classes are organised on the basis of age.


Starting school is a very important and exciting step in a child’s life, so we aim to meet both you and your child several times before they start school.

For our Foundation 2 children, we hold a meeting for parents and arrange for the children to spend time in their new class before they begin school in September.


Parents who are considering applying to the school at other times are welcome to visit the school prior to their application.

If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.