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Computing Curriculum Design

To me programming is more than an important practical art. It is also a gigantic undertaking in the foundations of knowledge.

Grace Hopper 


At Thorpe Willoughby Community Primary School, we believe that our computing curriculum fosters a curiosity of the wider world and equips our children to participate effectively and safely in a rapidly changing world. We want our children to be creators and our broad curriculum encompassing computer systems & networks, creating media, data & information and programming reflects this. Our new Computing Curriculum provides exciting insights into the digital world and develops our children’s understanding, enjoyment and interest in the ever-changing world around them. 

It is our intention to introduce children to a wide range of technology allowing them to continually practise and improve upon the skills they learn. Our immersive curriculum allows children to experience various forms of digital learning as well as opportunities to discuss, reflect and appreciate the impact computing has on their learning, development and well-being. 

We aim to ensure that children are excited and intrigued by our half-termly curriculum themes, by planning exciting activities to enhance the wider curriculum with links with other subjects including  Maths, Science, Geography, PSHE, PE and Design & Technology. 

Our children begin their journey with technology in Early Years, with access to iPads and BeeBots. Teachers facilitate children’s curiosity with challenge and modelling how to use the equipment creatively, carefully and safely.


In KS1 children continue their journey with the BeeBots, using them more precisely. They learn how to program a BeeBot to reach a destination and begin to be able to debug when something doesn’t work out the way they imagined. In our Computer Suite they improve their mouse control and learn how to log on and off a computer using their own username and password. They learn about online safety and what to do if they encounter something which makes them feel uncomfortable as well as what personal information is and why it is important we do not share it with someone on the internet. Coding then progresses from BeeBots onto a computer-based or i-Pad programme where children learn how to programme a variety of sprites.
In KS2, children continue their coding journey, using more complex systems and software in order to create animations and computer games. Creative media skills are combined with English, Science, History, PE and Geography and work is presented through the use of mixed media including the use of apps within the Google suite. The children are also explicitly taught internet safety and how to stay safe online throughout each year of KS2. They know how to keep themselves safe online and feel equipped and supported to manage their online safety. In Upper KS2 children understand the importance of media balance and appreciate that as they get older, they are more responsible for their online presence, digital footprint and how often they access a variety of forms of media.

Computing - Whole School Curriculum Overview

Computing - Progression