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Google Classroom is the leading digital education platform for schools around the world and is recognised by the Department for Education (DfE). It is part of the Google for Education service, enabling the school to benefit from a number of leading online services, in addition to Google Classroom - you can find out more about Google for Education by clicking here…

Check out this demo video to see an overview of how Google Classroom works for teachers and students. In this video, you will learn how to set up classes and...

Google Classroom provides additional functionality over the existing class blogs, to help engagement with our students and to support them completing class work remote:

  • Assignments can be set, with documents, video guidance and links to other education sources such as the Oak National Academy;

  • Students can upload their work, confirm they have completed tasks and provide feedback to their teachers on the homework;

  • Teachers can provide posts of information, requests and suggestion to their class.

Below are some useful links to help you find and log on to Google Classroom and other Google applications. 

Google Classroom - Here your teacher will set you work. They will be able to communicate with you and the rest of the class; commenting on your work, giving you feedback and making sure you are making good porgress.. Follow the link to log in and get started - 



Google Docs - Here you may use this application to complete work that your class teacher has set. You can then share this document back with your teacher by hitting the blue share button at the top right hand corner. 



Google Slides - On some occasions your teacher will share lesson slides on Google Classroom for you to go through, read and even write on, as a way to teach you remotely whilst you are at home. They are easy to navigate and work similarly to Microsoft PowerPoint.  



How to Use Google Classroom for Students

The video and guide below provide additional information about how to work with Google Classroom, covering areas such as accessing homework and handing in work.


There are loads of great resources and help guides on the Google Classroom website, as well as on YouTube.

  • For help on the content, please contact your class teacher.