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PE and Sport Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

PE and Sport at Thorpe Willoughby Primary School

(Updated May 2019)


PE and Sport at Thorpe Willoughby Primary School

Thorpe Willoughby is a happy and energetic school with a clear vision for learning actively, keeping fit and making healthy lifestyle choices.  


Sports Funding

Primary schools in England are currently receiving £16,000 plus £10 per pupil to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport. 

This academic year (2018-19) Thorpe Willoughby CP School has prioritised 5 key areas for funding as follows:

  • Broadening the pupils’ experiences across a range of sports and activities (10%)
  • Inter-school Competitions (15%)
  • Equipment (15%)
  • Curriculum - professional coaches and staff training (30%)
  • After –school and lunchtime clubs (30%)


The Impact of PE Funding

This yearly funding has enabled Thorpe Willoughby Primary School to promote and celebrate sport at all levels.  So far this year, we have offered a wide range of sporting experiences, both in school time and after school clubs:  fencing street dance, handball, orienteering, tchoukball, dodgeball and cricket.

The funding allows us to employ a sports specialist who organises cluster events and tournaments for local schools. Thorpe attended many Inter School Tournaments, thus increasing participation in competitive school sport. 

We can employ professional sports coaches to provide quality and a wider breadth of PE in school that train not only the children, but also upskill the staff.  Last year 100% of our KS2 children were involved in either an after school/ lunchtime club, an inter school competition or a sports funded day of activities.  



The funding allows Thorpe Willoughby CP School to maintain a fully stocked PE store.  Last year we bought new balance bikes and helmets for EYFS and lots of skipping ropes and new play equipment for school.

This year, our School Council/ Sports Organising Crew are going to come up with suggestions for new KS2 equipment.  We would love some new outside equipment and to renew our large play equipment.


After School Clubs

So far this year we have offered the following clubs: football, handball, fencing, dodgeball, street dance and tchoukball


Play Leaders

Our Year 6 children are involved in a ‘Play Leaders’ scheme. This is an exciting and challenging opportunity for our children to plan, organise and deliver games activities for their peers and younger pupils to enjoy. 

Our Play Leaders often support play time games and are central to our intra school competitions. This scheme is further developed by many of the high schools.


Inter-school Competitions

We are part of the Selby Sports Cluster and using our Sports Premium Finding we have employed a Sports Specialist to organise and run inter-school competitions throughout this academic year.  

Please click here ( to see details of our latest results and league tables.  



Meeting national curriculum requirements in swimming is a major focus for our KS2 children at Thorpe Willoughby CP School.  We aim for all our Year 6 children to be able to swim competently and competently over a distance of at least 25 metres, using a clear stroke (backstroke, breaststroke or front crawl)

Last year, 76% of our Year 6 cohort could swim competently, and a large percentage could swim confidently yet not quite demonstrated the full 25 metres of a clear stroke.

In this Summer term, our Year 6 children will be undertaking an intensive 12 week bock at Selby Leisure Centre, ensuring all of them reach their full swimming potential and most importantly, learn a key life saving skill.


Community Links

We have close links with many local Sport Clubs and enjoy the benefit of their expertise and coaching.   

Children have the opportunity to try these sports and are encouraged to attend these local clubs (Football, Cricket, Tennis, Rugby, Dance, Cheer Leading)


Bike ability

Children in Y5 and Y6 are given the opportunity to improve their bike safety and their knowledge of road safety.  They take a theory test and develop their road safety skills around Thorpe Willoughby.  


Sporting Celebration

Each week we join as a school in an assembly to celebrate children’s sporting achievements inside and outside school and share their shining moments.   We have participated in many tournaments/ sporting activities this year and all our achievements are proudly displayed on our PE noticeboard. 


More information for parents

Keep updated on this website or follow the following links to access information on making healthy lifestyle choices:

You can also look at some of our exciting PE opportunities in our online gallery.